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Local Coordinator

We are looking for a centre coordinator in Aberdeen to build a caring and reliable network of local hosts and ensure the smooth running of overseas school visits. 

The centre coordinator will also be responsible for a network of EFL host teachers in Aberdeen City and Shire. 

Our coordinators are autonomous whilst receiving guidance and support when needed. The company culture is inspiring, creative and exciting.


  • earn a nightly fee per student (typically £600 per group) 

  • grow your income in line with your ambition and student numbers

  • work from home on your terms (no fixed hours)

  • create connections that count (hosts and teachers become life-long friends)

  • invest in your personal growth (free access to quality online courses)

  • receive comprehensive and regular training for daily operations

  • impact students by enabling them to experience the beauty of NE Scotland

  • ignite your students’ language learning dreams to improve their English

  • make a difference to the travel and tourism industry in Aberdeenshire

Role Responsibilities:

  • recruiting and nurturing a network of hosts (12-15 hosts per school group)

  • sending paperwork to LTT and liaising with hosts

  • meeting school groups twice daily and ensuring a local presence

  • acting as the main contact to group leaders

  • recruiting local EFL teachers for homestay programmes

  • ensuring all hosts and EFL teachers adhere to LTT guidelines 

  • attending annual host and EFL teacher conferences

  • organising the occasional Ceilidh or Mini Highland Games event

The Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate would excel at connecting with people, problem-solving, organisation, efficiency, and collaboration. They would be able to thrive both independently and as a team, and possess a strong service orientation. Additionally, they would have an interest in travel and language learning, particularly European, English, or other languages.