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Language Travel Tours welcomes qualified, experienced EFL teachers to teach on its homestay programmes. Teach and accommodate x1 student in your home Aberdeen City and Shire.

what's involved

You need to be an EFL, English, nationally qualified or degree qualified teacher for this particular programme and someone ideally with teaching experience.

You would be required to teach English to overseas students of different nationalities, levels and ages for a period of one to four weeks.  Dates to be agreed when you are available.

Comfortable single or double rooms with a desk are required to accommodate the students who live with you on a full board basis and who are taught during the day (either x15hrs, or x20hrs of tuition).

You’d also need to take the student out on at least two local visits per week. 

Support is provided in terms of teaching content, lesson plans and delivery.  We also have experienced EFL teachers in the area you could speak to so that you feel part of a wider network.  

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As a Homestay Teacher you will enjoy a good income that enables you to:

find out more

The following is a useful video of a student and homestay teacher talking about their experiences.