The top 5 benefits of educational visits

If you are considering cultural or educational visits for yourself or your school but are unsure if they are worth it, this guide is for you. It is a big decision to decide to visit another country to help develop language skills, but there are also a lot of benefits.

We have outlined five benefits we think you should consider.

Cultural Understanding

One of the main benefits of education trips is that they allow students to immerse themselves in the culture of the language. This immersion can help to provide context to the language and provide students with a deeper understanding of diverse cultures to identify overlaps with their own. The first-hand knowledge gained on the trip can enrich their understanding and make it a fun learning experience.

Social Skills and Confidence

Stepping outside of the classroom and being pushed into new experiences and meeting new people is a great chance to grow skills and confidence. For some students, this could be one of the first chances they have to go away without their family, which allows them to improve their social skills and confidence in a unique environment.

It also forces them to practice using the language they have been learning in the classroom, providing them with opportunities to develop and grow confidence whilst talking with native speakers. The new and different challenges the students face is often reflected in their performance once they are back in the classroom.

Reinforces Classroom Material

Learning in a classroom environment is not suited to everyone, therefore, allowing students to learn in more practical ways can help to develop their interest in the language and their skills and knowledge. Visual experiences can develop a richer understanding of the language covered in the classroom and help with recall later in life.

Adds to School and Department Prestige

There are not only benefits to students, as offering these kinds of trips can allow your school and department to appear attractive to students and promote an interest to prospective students. The success of these trips will reflect positively on teachers, departments, and schools, and can help build stronger student and teacher relationships due to learning opportunities in an informal environment. The educational outcomes of these trips are beneficial to the students and department.

Creates Lifelong Memories

Although there are a lot of educational benefits to cultural and educational trips, there is also the benefit of creating lifelong memories for the students. These memories are fun and can include the creation of new friendships that last a lifetime. Providing a fun trip for students may inspire them to revisit the country later in life or propel them into a career path they hadn’t previously considered.

Language Travel Tours offer a variety of educational trips that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Check out our newest programmes or get in touch to find out more about what we offer and how this can benefit you.

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