Well done to Rosemary!

A lovely message to Rosemary (one of our homestay tutors) from Anastasia’s mother. Excellent work Rosemary!

Dear Rosemary, Anastasia is happy like never before , she showed all photos, your work with her and she is speaking only English! The castles are fantastic! Anastasia told us interesting stories about Fyvie Castle! The smell of roses in the castle, the game rumicubes , she said she had won twice, she is impressed by Johnston of Elgin and all this thanks to you! We are happy to meet You in Paris, so that You can enjoy Your time with us. You are an incredible person, Anastasia is eager to return back to Scotland, and she will have her holidays, so we may arrange her next trip to Huntly, and she is happy to know that she can again meet You! I am very thankful for all You have made, and glad to receive Your mail, You are welcome in Paris, nice things to see either! And, it is an honour for us to know that You wouls like Anastasia to have again her course with You

Sincerely Victoria



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